Sunday, July 26, 2015

Falling Charms Baby Quilt

Sweet Baby Boy Quilt

The sweet baby boy that received this quilt spends his weekends with his parents, grandparents and cousins on a beautiful cove on the Tennessee River. They Boat, fish, ride jet skis, swim and go trail riding in their Jeep. Nice way to grow up, huh. 

I selected Boat House Fabric by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics.
The pattern is Falling Charms, you can see the tutorial by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company here: 

I kinda stretched it too much in this pic. :(
Quilt measures about 40 x 40. 

The quilting is free motion, meandering with stars. I love dense quilting!

 I love the back!

A friend at Tampa Modern Quilt Guild had this fabric to use for our Project Linus Quilts and I "Really Like IT". 

 Blurry pic of label. 

I received a lovely note from his parents and that meant the world to me. Hope it becomes tattered and torn from being dragged around at the River House. 

Aren't quilts just the BEST?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Projects Coming Soon.

Sneak peak! Falling charms baby quilt. Picture is without binding. Good news, binding is on. More pics and details to come.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Toyota Machine!!!

Toyota Machine

I brought home this week a new Monster machiine. It is a Toyoot TZ7. All  meta, made  in Japan, probablly early 60s.  The  fastest machine I have ever used. Makes a beautiful sound too.

I joined aa Yahoo Group for Vintage Japanese  machines. They don't get as  much attention as some of the others but are at least as  good in quality.

Please let me know your experiences with these machines!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Central Park Quilt

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This quilt top was made from the other half of a Central Park Jelly Roll. The Citrus Sunshine Quilt was made from the first half. The solid is Kona Stone. I designed the quilt from a pattern I saw on Pinterest, with  some changes. I think it is fun. 
This will be Quilted on the Beast, my new, to me Brother PQ1300. That is MY dream machine!.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Quilted Wall Hanging for Sewing Room

Special Gift

I finished a gift for a special friend just before Christmas but, unfortunately, I haven't seen her to give it to her. (Hope she doesn't read this, she usually doesn't visit blogland, LOL.) 
We work together and have been alternating a couple of days off during the holidays. 
She keeps me sane at out crazy job and is my quilting/sewing buddy, what more could you ask???

I found these wonderful, free paper pieced letters, designed by Dori Hawk at 
"The Quilter Community" online. The link to her alphabet quilt is: 

She is very generous to share her talent with the quilting community. 

I wanted to make a small wall hanging for my friend's sewing room. 
The blocks originally were about 6 inches square but I enlarged them to 8". 
The wall hanging measures approx: 18" x 34". 

The letters are outlined. There are wavy lines between the letters and some McTavishing on the squares on the upper right and left.

The fabric in the letters is Daydreams by Kate Spain.
Other fabrics on the front are from my stash :)
The backing and binding are from my LQS, owned by my friend Barb.
Crafty Threads, in Oldsmar, Florida (Tampa/Clearwater area)

 Some bobbin work above!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Wall Hanging

Christmas Wall Hanging

Merry Christmas Ya'll!
 This is a small wall hanging done with some curved piecing of the snow and sky. The trees are pieced and appliqued to the background. Quilting is free motion. The sky is in a McTavishing pattern and the snow is freeform wavy lines. The stars are free motion thread painted.
The fabric for the sky is absolutely beautiful and I do not know where it came from, except from my stash. It is possible someone gave it to me. It is blue with white stars. It has a metallic sheen that is just gorgeous. I quilted the sky with dark blue embroidery thread. The quilting on the white snow is with a very light silvery :) color  to make the stitching snow up better. 
It measures 12 x 18.5 inches.

Thanks for visiting. I would love to hear from you!

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Modern Turquoise Pillow Cover

Modern Turquoise Pillow Cover.

Improv pieced. Striking Colors and Quilting make this piece HAPPY!
It measures 14 x 14". Straight line quilting except for McTavishing on the outer left and lower leaf print. Bound in black. 

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Wow, I have been away from Blogland too long!!

Life can really be a BEAR!

I can't believe that it has been so long since I posted. I have been working very hard and so has all of my family. Just haven't been able to keep up. 
I participated in my first Craft Fair 2 weeks ago with some success. The display I had planned didn't work due to things "beyond my control" It was VERY windy and very cool for Florida. It was a learning experience and I am glad I did it. Made some sales too. I have a number of projects in the que waiting to be written up. I WILL be back.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Coastal Quiet Time

Coastal Quiet Time

I was away for a few days so have been realllllly busy at work. So not much time to blog, or create :(

I did not take my sewing machine on vacation, this time. I usually do. But for a short stay of 3 nights I decided to take some paint and canvas instead. I did one small painting. 
My favorite time on the beach is from about 5pm until sunset. Everyone has gone inside to have dinner and soothe their sunburned skin. The heat has died down and the breeze has picked up. Oh that sky!

This painting was done entirely with palate knives with acrylic paint in a thick, impasto application.  It is 3 x 9 x 1/2 inches. 
Hope you like it.

Loosely (very) inspired by this photo. This was at a beach near my Southwest Florida Home. I can never hope to come close to the beauty our Creator blesses us with daily, but it always inspires me.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave me a comment.
This was purchased by an individual in Tampa as a gift to a friend in Texas!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Beach Fantasy" Art Quilt

"Beach Fantasy" Art Quilt

I believe we all feel a pull toward the ocean. Just look at a map of the population!! I am fortunate to live within a 20 minute drive of the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida. I can feel it calling me almost daily. I don't make it that often but I feel good knowing that I could go almost any day. 

 This small art quilt was created using curved piecing, then free motion quilted using 6 colors of thread. It was then embellished with natural shells from my extensive collection :) of hand picked treasures. A couple of pearls for a bit of whimsy. The borders were then applied and it was mounted on a 9 x 12 inch canvas. 
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 Close ups of the quilting and embellishment.

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Lets get to quilting!! 


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wonky Pillow

Wonky Pillow

I have had this QAYG (quilt as you go) piece started for a long time. I had a basket of scraps that I would dive into from time to time and do a row or two. It really never grew any bigger than about 7-8 inches. I decided I would finish it off with a different technique. MORE McTavishing!!!! on a large neutral border.

Well, when I did the FMQ on the border, it shrank more than the middle, so the middle was kinda, well,,,, puffy...Hmmmm... ok, I will do some stuffing, like trumputo in that part. It worked out fairly well.

I layered the top and the back of the pillow wrong sides together, basted it. then bound it like a quilt. It measures 15" square

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Grey X Pillows Cover, Finish!!

Grey Pillow Cover Finish

After piecing this, I was in a quandary. How shall I quilt this piece. I had been practicing some McTavishing on my Vintage Singer 237. Was it time to try it on a "real" project?  Guess so.
Update. I have had several comments regarding McTavishing. It is named for its creator Karen McTavish, award winning quilter and author.

Also, my guild mate Katherine Ringo has a great youtube video that explains the technique.

I am pleased to have this project featured by Pam from:

 Threading My Way_Featured

I did my version of McTavishing in 2 quadrants and alternating squiggly lines in the other 2.

Each quadrant was quilted with a single piece of (top) thread. Except, of course some of it was cut off in the squaring and resizing process. ;).
I also debated about how to finish the pillow cover. When I finished the piecing and took it to show and tell at the Tampa Modern Quilt Guild, I felt it was, well, boring.  So, I began to think how to finish it off to have a nice accent. I like to use orange for my accent but I was thinking in another direction on this one.
 I found some fabulous green and light grey by Art Gallery Fabrics at my fabulous LQS, Crafty Threads and decided on a 1/4 inch piping. 

 That is a shadow in the lower right, oops. 

I will take some other pictures soon when it is stuffed with a pillow form. Please leave me a comment to let me know that you have stopped by.
Thanks, ellen
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Citrus Sunshine Quilt--Finished!!

Citrus Sunshine Quilt -- Finished!!

With all of its orangey, lemony and limey goodness, the Citrus Sunshine Quilt is finally complete. The binding is a small, sort of animal print that is orange and yellow. The backing is a green background with multicolored polka dots. 
It has some random piecing in a strip near the top.  
Measures 30 x 43 inches. Perfect size for an infant or small child.
Now, does any one have a little one who would LOVE this??
I plan to put it in my Etsy Shop.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Grey X Pillow Cover

Grey X Pillow Cover

Started, or restarted a new pillow cover. I have had scraps that I have been piecing together for a while. Finally, I decided to use them for a pillow cover. An entire quilt of tiny scraps just seemed a bit much. I took some Kona Coal that would be the main part of the pillow. I pieced a strip of about 24" long of grey and blue scraps. The original width of the scrap strip was about 2.75". I then sliced it in half. 
The original plan was just to cut out a square for the pillow cover, slice it diagonally, sew the strip in and then repeat. That looked a bit plain. So, I pulled out some Kona Ash and attached a 1 inch wide piece to each side of the strip. That seemed to work better.

The strip on the bottom is tucked underneath the 2 cut pieces of the square. The top strip is just laid over the other, thus the difference in the width.
I am toying around with several different ideas for the quilting. May combine some free motion with straight line, walking foot quilting in different sections. Please let me know what you think.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WIP Citrus Sunshine

Citrus Sunshine

I have made a bit of progress on this yellow quilt. A visitor who commented on a previous blog post on this quilt that said it reminded her of the colors of lemons and limes. I thought that fit since I live in Florida, so I named this one 
"Citrus Sunshine". It is a modification of a strip and flip quilt. (see previous posts) I am free motion quilting with wavy lines alternating with loops. 
Maybe I will get to post it as a "finish" soon!!

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